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 Ryokoshky Takeda

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PostSubject: Ryokoshky Takeda   Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:30 pm

"Why should I care for anyone else but me? Is it because I might get payed?"

●●Ryokoshky Takeda

Title: Ryo

Age: 15

Sex: male

Personality: Ryokoshky is a rather calm person, he doesn't freak out easily and doesn't get angry much. He doesn't usually care about events unless they affect him generally. He is rather lazy and therefore will only do something if it poses a reward or prize in the end. He follows blindly after almost anything if he thinks it even hints a bit towards benefiting him. He doesn't get along much with others, but he tries his best to make friends when he can, and try to stay some where in the middle of a persons like or hate ideas. He finds it sorta of a bother to go hunting for friends, so he usually lets them come to him, he also feels the same way about doing things, if he knows its going to come to him eventually, he would rather just stake out and wait for it. Ryokoshky likes to work with others when he can but he loves to work alone, who ever said a group was needed to do a bit of hunting. He is confident with his self and how he preforms usually, he also feels confident in how he acts.

Bio:At a young age Ryokoshky moved around a lot. He never really had time to make any friends and eventually he stopped caring about interaction with other people. This caused him to get really attached to with parents the only two people he really was around the most. When his father mysteriously vanished he broke down into grief along with his mother. He later was orphaned when his mother passed away in her sleep. His hair changed from its original dark brown to a white color afterwards from the stress and as long as he can remember its been growing white. Other then his mother and father Ryokoshky remembers little of his childhood.

After growing old enough he requested that he was given what he would need to move out on his own and try to survive. After he was denied he left on his own with little supplies, his fathers wedding ring, and his mothers picture. Since he left the orphanage his eye has been set on getting goals and treasures from those goals. He also returned to his old ways of relying on himself to provide and care. He had tough times before he finally found a family who would harbor him and allow him to live in their house. He came to an agreement eventually that allowed him to use the family's name and allow him to be a child of the family. He had finally found a place to return to every day and to settle down, or at least he hoped.

Persona: Attis

Arcana: Hanged man

Alignment: Freelancers

Theme Song: Tear Away, by the drowning pool. (might change)

Weapon: A short sword and a pistol.

Weight: 115lb
Height: 5'6''
Eye color: Violet
He can speak German along with English.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryokoshky Takeda   Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:08 pm

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Ryokoshky Takeda
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