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 Yoshi Akamada

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PostSubject: Yoshi Akamada   Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:37 pm

"Well Isn't this troublesome? Alright well lets do this then"
●●Yoshi Akamada

      Title: Yoshi-sensei or just Yoshi (to his close friends)

      Age: 26

      Sex: Male

      Personality: Yoshi is the very embodiment of laid back living. Yoshi loves to take is easy and enjoy his day to the very fullest. Optimism is a second language to Yoshi and he believes there is a silver lining to any problem. Nothing really bothers him and if it does he always finds a way to look on the bright side of a situation even if it looks bleak. This is balanced by his habit of sometimes being a little insensitive to others feelings. However if he can help in anyway he tries to help in anyway, usually though making them laugh. Sometimes his laid back personality can get him into trouble with his bosses but he usually smooth talks his way out of it. When he needs to however, Yoshi can become serious and offer encouraging words to those who need it.

      Bio: Yoshi was born to a very functional family and enjoyed that benefit in life. While other children had family problems Yoshi had none to speak of what so ever. He never got everything he wanted but had just enough to satisfy a child's imagination. His home was one that encouraged his creativity and imagination. When he was young his parents would take him all over Japan on vacations wanting to expose him to the beauty of their world. It left him mystified and Yoshi found a sort of inner peace with all things in those days.

      His content with the world translated into his adulthood shown in his personality. He had a hard time keeping a job because of his laid back attitude and calm demeanor. He lost a total of 10 jobs and 10 relationships by, as his former bosses and ex girlfriends put it, "not being serious enough". One night after being fired from his latest job at the time Yoshi stumbled across the forbidden time at 12AM . There he met his shadow and it revealed everything about him Yoshi was hiding from "People think you just don't take things seriously? HA! You just afraid to put your heart into anything at all!! That's why you just go with the flow and let others make decisions for you! Admit it Yoshi your nothing but a coward who's afraid to make his own decisions!!" With that Yoshi finally understood his deepest secret. With hesitation and difficultly Yoshi accepted this myriad truth about himself and received his persona. Now having a better out look on life Yoshi obtained a job at Ryokoku High teaching music.

      Persona: Karikeya The Hindu god of war who specializes in electric and heavy pierce/arrow damage

      Arcana: Star

      Alignment: Freelancers

      Theme Song: Shounen Heart- Home made Kazoku

      Weapon: A bow with blade tips and sharpened arrows.

      Other: After school Yoshi usually stays in the Music room playing the piano and he LOVES karaoke night at the bar. He also serves as the advisor for the archery club.
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PostSubject: Re: Yoshi Akamada   Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:17 am

I'm gonna associate laid back with peaceful. Approved
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Yoshi Akamada
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