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PostSubject: Sonomori Anokoku   Sonomori Anokoku EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 3:54 am

Sonomori Anokoku Sonomori_8_31_2010_by_sonomori-d2xpvp2

Title: Sononomori Anokoku

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Personality: Unlike many people, many forms and mindsets exist within Sonomori's mind. Almost like a split personality, however somewhat merged like a thread of different color sewn into a quilt. From his blood thirsty side, to the calm and gentle philosopher. His mood can change in a second. However, it is not random nor will it ever be. His first side is his mask, his hypocrite self that ignores the darker thoughts. This side of him enjoys the simpler things in life, and tends to toy around with everyone he fights against. Like a philosopher, he ponders so many things, filtering reality from fiction, constantly battling the inner self. When chosen to make decisions, he would choose the logical over the illogical, to sacrifice a thousand for a million is an easy task. Human life is no consideration within his mind. Cruel though it may be, this is how it shall happen and will not change, for he is a one of hidden stubbornness brought on by his intelligence. Needless to say, he is the one who deceives all, including himself. His inner personality triggers at the excitement of a fight. This self in particular is overjoyed at the thought of killing, and given the chance to personally spill blood he kicks off the rest of the mind and does it without control. While he only appears in a fight, he is the most varied of people, and undoubtedly the single most intelligent being in the art of war that has ever stepped foot upon the soil that we call reality. From the mastering genius of strategy, to the engaged battle of swords it seems like he can do it all without even trying, truly a demon in the art of war. But like a diamond, his control is rare. As the fight begins to descend from interest, he will simply let the others take control and not care a bit about it in the end. Last, is the true Sonomori. The one who originally called the body his own. The other two personalities are just a spawn of his inner mind, for they are two parts of a whole that makes up his true self. He drives only for himself, and will accomplish only what he intends to. So much so, that he spawned off the others to control his body when he didn't wish to bother with the various movements of his body. This personality stays deep within his mind, watching from afar as what he does like the puppet master.
While all three of these personalities reside within Sonomori's mind, they do not fight for control and thus his mood is not randomly changed, for they all make up what he really is.

Bio: Sonomori was born into a rich corporate family. At a very young age his mother died in a car accident, and his siblings were all grown. All of them worked in the company that his father owned, each having a division amongst the world for themselves. However, none of them even cared for each other. And, on multiple occasions, they tried to have the other killed or kidnapped to gain more power for themselves The only one whom could be trusted was the youngest of them, Sonomori. Atleast, that is how his father looked at the picture. As such he had them all moved to different countries to lighten to tension up between them. Though even with this there were still a few incidents, some even reaching the media. For the most part Sonomori was kept in the dark on all of it, need he not be corrupted. As a sheltered child, he was born and raised within the company itself, learning the art of business and in general the education that was required to run a large company. Every ounce of knowledge possible about it was run directly into his brain from an early age. Of course, the lesser details were left out.

All of this came together to make him a fit candidate to run the company, for upon the death of the father it would be left up to the company officials to decide. Needless to say, the father himself had no business in letting the other children run the company. Infact, he went to lengths to make sure they did not inherit his fortune. However one day when they were traveling along the road, he noticed an orphan child kicking around a can. He prompted ask the man to step, letting himself out of the car and looking down at the orphan. Sonomori wasn't rather concerned about the incident at the time, as he was studying in the seat next to him. The old, gentle man crouched down and looked at him, asking him where his parents were. The boy shook his head back and forth, letting the man realize another harshness of reality.

From that day forth, it was that the boy would be his adopted child. Sonomori himself, treated the child like he was his real brother, acting appropriately because he had never had a sibling himself. Alas, the days of good were about to drastically change when they were both informed that their father was in critical condition. They came to him in his deathbed, letting the old man look at them once more before he was to die. Due to the indescression of one of the siblings, the mafia had become involved in the company. When they didn't get their payment, it was all but a matter of time before something was to happen. The old man was caught in a shooting, and shot 6 times in the chest. He lay there in critical condition, barely grasping together the energy to pull his ring off of his finger. He looked at Sonomori, now grown up, and placed the ring into his right hand. "My child, please do not forget what I have taught you, and always treat Ryo like he was your own true brother." Sonomori nodded as the final breaths came from his father, letting the cold hand drop to the side of the bed.

From that moment forward he had inherited the company, it had become clear that he was more then fit to run it, and even more qualified then his siblings. However the problem at hand was dire, him and the company were now enemies of the Mafioso. What could come from his, he had no idea. But rather, he was mentally preparing himself each day. Though, he knew that wasnt enough. Security was increased drastically amongst the inner circle, their locations were never revealed to the public and even as far to have decoys. Some of which, paid the ultimate price as attempt after attempt on his life pursued. By the age of 23 he had been through 3 car bombs, 7 gunfights, 4 close encounter sniper bullets, 2 closerange pistol fights, and a homicide attempt by his older brother, all while keeping his brother perfectly benign to the incidents.

Though, he could not keep him benign forever as his father had done to him. It was only a matter of time before he was to be involved, though as to when is beyond anyone's knowledge.

Persona: Niveus Caliga. He is an fabled war beast from northern Iceland, first encountered by Latin Vikings. It is said that in the night he would claim whole villages, and that the sounds of his call across the mountains meant certain death to anyone who heard it. They called it the Hymn of Death, because chimes and windpipes could be heard in the cries. From an encounter of one man, the beat was nearly 2 stories tall, breathed fire and carried two massive axes that weigh over a ton a piece, however they also described him carrying a giant orchestra of pipes and hooks on his back like a musician. Though, credibility can never be taken into account with these stories. Sonomori Anokoku Momento_mori_by_sonomori-d2zekzs

Arcana: Hangman

Alignment: Freelancers

Theme Song:

Weapon: None

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PostSubject: Re: Sonomori Anokoku   Sonomori Anokoku EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 2:15 am

I see nothing wrong with this application Approved
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