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 Shadow of the Genesis: Main Plot

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PostSubject: Shadow of the Genesis: Main Plot   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:00 pm

The city of Kobé remains as one of the normal Japanese cities. It's a popular coastal city, however there have been rumors that at 12:00 am there is a "Midnight Club" hosted for whoever wants to attend in Harborpark: A popular amusement location. However ,as the rumor goes, once you enter the party they say you never come out. More and more high school students and young adults have begun to go missing and the public is growing more aware and panic is beginning to set in.... just what is going on anyway? With this new underground club of high schoolers are attending, something isn't good about this...

The Shadows
: In truth, at 12 AM Harborpark Twists into the Dark Labyrinth with countless shadows within that kill anyone trapped within the maze attacking at the first sign of fear. Shadows themselves are anthropomorphic personification of the negative emotions of humanity as a whole. They are the dark thoughts that hide within everyone's psyche and manifest as shadow creatures.

: There exist people who can invoke a persona. Though having the potential to use one is the only way to battle the shadows. It is extremely rare to have the potential because invoking a persona puts an enormous strain on one's body.

What is a Persona?: Persona is the name given to a shadow born when someone's innermost secrets, desires etc... are personified. A Shadow in the form of a look-alike is the incarnation of the negative personality facets and repressed emotions that the person tries to deny. If one cannot accept the Shadow-self, or rather, if they refuse to acknowledge what they want to keep hidden most, the Shadow becomes enraged, attracting all nearby lesser Shadows to itself and transforming into a monster which attempts to kill the person it spawned from. If one can face oneself and admit to what the Shadow-self says, then the Shadow transforms into a Persona loyal to its user. Persona is formed by having one's ego master its Shadow. So in truth, the only way to battle a shadow is to use one yourself.

Mark of a Persona : Those who have obtained a persona gain a tattoo corresponding to it on a wrist. From this tattoo they can invoke their persona.

Rouge Persona Users: There exist people whom have twisted ideals and wish to assist the shadows. They do not have the potential needed to handle a persona so they take harmful and eventually fatal drugs to force it out. Their persona is incredibly unstable and causes negative effects on the user's physical and mental health. Possibly even death...

The Shadow's Pattern: There exist "special" shadows that appear every full moon. What happens the labrinth twists and changes shape and structure that signals one is present within.

The Rouge Persona Users goal: They wish to assist the shadows in killing as many people as possible and using the blood/souls to appease Yomi. They believe sacrificing one city is better than the whole world. Because if not appeased, Yomi will create a second underworld on Earth...

Do you think you have what it takes to save the world?

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Shadow of the Genesis: Main Plot
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