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PostSubject: Akihito Hanayama   Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:53 pm

●● Akihito Hanayama

Title: Mister Yin

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Personality: Since he was born into a family of Yakuza he was trained to have a hard type of personality. To not let any ever get the better of him and to destroy those who had opposed him. However, Akihito was not that kind of person at heart. He was always a kind person and had the ability to easily make friends. However, because he was the son of a Yakuza boss the children instinctively stayed away from him. This caused him to be a lonely person. It was always his mother that came to comfort him. His mother was also a very kind person and helped him through some of the times in which he felt like he was the only person in the world. She was the type of person who always understood and helped to make him a better person. That was until she died in the second year of his middle school. Even more so than usual he became a social outcast. He had no one to comfort him for his mother’s death and the other students still kept their distance. Because of his he came to feel like he couldn’t get along with anyone however he also decided to help those in need. His mother had taught him that even though he was the son of a Yakuza he could still be kind. In school he became something of a protector. The students either feared him or respected him, however they still kept their distance from him. In truth Akihito his an extremely kind person, depending on who it is he can be easily hurt however he hides this in a mask of indifference. He protects the people around him even if they don’t thank him. His biggest wish is to just be accepted by his peers.

Bio: Akihito was born into the Yakuza. He was born and raised in the Shinjuku prefecture. This was also the area that was controlled by the Hanayama group. The Hanayama group was the family that Akihito belonged too and would become the leader of once his father thought that he was ready. He has lived in a large scale Japanese style home since the day he was born and has learned to live a somewhat spoiled life. He has never had much need for money however he is not the type to readily give it away. Ever since he was small he was taught the “Way of the Samurai”, bushido. His father was a skilled swordsman and everyone believed that Akihito would surpass him before he even reached his 18th birthday. However because Akihito had a soft spot he could never get past certain steps. He was strong but he did not possess the killing intent that he needed to truly become the deadly kind of swordsman his father had wanted him to be.

When he had entered school the other children made sure to stir clear of him. The Hanayama family name had been spread throughout the region and was feared by all families. It was known to everyone the kind of methods that they implored and therefore everyone was told to stay away from the group of them even the children. Because of this the young heir to the Hanayama name was an outcast in the school. Not so much shunned but feared. Akihito’s only comfort was his mother. She always knew what to say to help him move along. However that changed greatly when his mother died in his second year of middle school. He dove into his sword arts. Learning all the secrets of the Hanayama family. If he couldn’t be liked by the people around him he would at least be respected by them. He knew no one would try to befriend him therefore he decided to protect those weaker than him. The bullies of the school all fell to him and soon he was known as somewhat of a protector of the school. Nonetheless he was still the one people would stay away from. It wasn’t the kind of school experience he wanted but atleast he was doing it himself instead of hiss family name doing it to him.

Through his fighting in school he learned to control his killing intent. However this was a side of himself that he didn’t like to admit it but he kind of liked being feared by some of his classmates. He may have been a nice guy but it didn’t mean he didn’t have his few quirks. He became somewhat hardened, however he didn’t show an evil or destructive face unless he was fighting and only showed his killing intent when he got seriously angry with someone. Along with being strong in the arts of the sword Akihito was also a genius when it came to computers. He was pretty useless at things like English or other things that involved him using the other side of his brain but mathematics and science were his thinkgs. So as secluded as he was he dove into his computers and his martial skills. Akihito’s family was closely related to a chinese mafia for many years. However, the heir to this family was one that Akihito found it found it hard to get along with. The guy was obnoxious and Akihito hated him with a passion. The guys name was Bao and ever since Akihito had bested him in a a duel. The guy never forgave him and now has decided to make his life a living hell. It was around the time he was 10 where he found a shadow that had his face. It was weird, he had awoken in a giant maze. The shadow with his face was evil. He love to destroy those around him and make them bow before him. But that wasn’t him. It just wasn’t him. But somewhere in his heart he knew that he felt this way.

Akihito fought it but the more he denied it’s existence the more powerful it became. He finally accepted that part of himself. The shadow then dissolved and became a dragon like figure before him. It was his own persona. Akihito wanted to learn more about these creatrures and devoted a lot of his time to understanding just what they actually were. He is currently in high school and still the most feared and lonely in the school

Persona: His persona is called Bahamut, a giant black dragon. Many of it’s attacks revolve around fire. It is proficient in manh of the agi spells. The way that his persona is summoned is a black gem appears in his hand. Once crushed a black mist appears around his body and rises. It then forms the dragon that his persona has taken the form of. The side of his personality in which the persona identifies is Akihito’s violent nature. It’s the side that Akihito hates the most and therefore created a strong persona.

Alignment:The Underground

Theme Song:

Weapon: The Weapon he uses is a katana he got from his father. It is a family heirloom and it was kept in mint condition. It was the type of weapon befitting the son of a Yakuza boss.

Other: Othe information that you might want to know is that on his right arm Akihito has a chinese Dragon tattoo that wraps around his arm. He is built but lean as well. Meaning that he was strong and flexible. Good for a samurai. Even though he is a Yakuza he doesn't wear a scowl in fact he has a very inviting face. But because of his status and lineage he is not approachable. He likes cats.
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Akihito Hanayama
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