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 Character: Bao Huang

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PostSubject: Character: Bao Huang   Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:41 pm

[move]I will get you! NOBODY bests the Huang Dynasty~![/move]
●●Bao Huang

      [size=1]Title: Bao, (to tenten only) Wannabe Prince

      Age: 17

      Sex: Male

      Personality: Bao is a very persistent and very aggressive boy. He grew up spoiled and used to getting his way. His mother (the first wife of Li Huang), died when he was very young and he relied on his father for everything. Bao has many half brothers and sisters that he doesn't often associate with. He was led to blieve that he was Master Li's favorite son and was feared by all the mafia members. He is extremely selfish and obnoxious, often flaunting is title and cash. Girls tend to be attracted to his bad boy personality, however he doesn't care much for them, he only cared of one girl in his entire life and that was Tenten, his adopted sister. She was 3 years younger than he was, yet her beauty and aggression attracted him to her. she was the only girl that did not swoon over his money, or his authority. because of his selfishness, his half siblings tend to hate him and he has very little friends outside of the Mafia. His two friends- cho and Bei were two of the strongest mafia members and they were paid by master Li to be his friends and his guards. Bao does excell in martial arts, but he rarely ever fights fairly. He hates to lose and everyone that has bested him in a battle died or sufered in one form or another, and so people just normally let him win. All except for two- the son of the yakuza akihito and Tenten.

      Bio: At a very young age, Bao was taught the way of the Mafia: to kill mercilessly and to take by force what's rightfully theirs. As a result, he became a heartless "prince" and was feared by many. Only one person has warmed his heart, and that was Tenten, the Daughter of Master Li's Newest concubine. To Bao, Tenten was a prized future wife: she was beautiful, graceful, and she made him laugh, even when she was being really insulting and incorrigable. She was to be sent to Japan to train as a Geisha, but he convinced his father otherwise. From then on, they were t be engaged. Bao made sure Tenten recieved everything she wanted: access to the Mafia's resource center, A good middle school and home life. He visited her more often than he had his biological brothers and sister, although she never seemed to take any interest in him. no matter how nice he forced himself to be, she was always insulting him or frowning, and later it seemed as if she never smiled at all. He was trained in martial arts by the best martial arts master in all of china- master wei fu. Master Wei taught him how to fight, and Bao always used his skill to bully everyone into letting him get his way. One night whne he was 12, he followed tenten as she snuck out of the Mafia walls to the local park. He followed behind for a while at least until he saw that she had somehow disappeared. Lost and unable to find his way back to the Mafia's base, he wandered alone for a while until a shadow attacked him. The shadow had his face and planted bad thoughts in his head. The shadow followed him around, for he always feared to fight it...He takes hallucinogens such as Acid in order to control his persona, so much that he developed a dependance on the drugs. After Being beaten by Tenten in a battle for her freedom, he made a pact with the shadows that he will destroy her. the shadows consented for she and her persona pose a high threat for them.

      Persona: Bao's rouge persona is a Lion-formed demon named Tora. Tora was never defeated as a shadow and is an unstable persona. His attacks mostly center around darkness, and has no heart. He always has intent to kill, no matter who the victim is.

      Alignment:The Rouge persona Users

      Theme Song:

      Weapon: two black pistols with the chinese Mafia's Chimera insignia

      Other: main goal in life: Kill Tenten and destroy her persona or marry her (either way) and Kill the yakuza's son akihito

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Character: Bao Huang
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