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PostSubject: Estelle White   Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:18 am

"Another hero-wannabe? Gimme a break."
●●Estelle White

      Alias: "Stella"

      Age: 19

      Sex: Female

      Personality: Estelle is a very dark, heartless person. She enjoys the idea of torture in any way possible. She acts cheery and playful but of course it's an act. She is always thinking of some new way of torture, or of anything that will keep her entertained, for she gets bored easily. And when she's bored, she'll do almost anything, and it's hard to get her mind off of the idea when she's stuck to it. Sometimes, she'll even force the notion if she has to, being the selfish one she is. She never cares for anyone else but herself, and if she does care about anyone, that person is lucky she likes them. And piss her off enough to where she loathes you, you better watch out.

      Estelle White was born into one of the rich families. She always got what she wanted and when she wanted it and if "no" was said, she'd throw a tantrum until the opposite was said. No one ever disciplined her for her behavior, so her attitude never changed. Though, bored with trying to get permission from her parents all of the time, she eventually just decided to do things the quick way: get it herself. She was even seen doing every bad thing she wasn't supposed to, but the servants never said anything, but just merely cleaned up after her, anything to keep her happy and from saying anything bad to her parents. Estelle's parents were already having it bad enough with neighboring rich families trying to gain their riches, by weaseling their way through. There was just so much that others tried to do, that they even tried robbing the house themselves.
      One night, when Estelle was about 14 years old, she was sleeping soundly in her bed until she heard a break-in in the next room through the window. Being lazy and not wanting to check it out, trusting one of the servants would, she laid in bed and did not budge. Her door was then kicked open by the intruder, causing her to jolt awake. Estelle had no idea what to do but scream, but before she could even do that, the masked intruder muffled and restrained her, despite the fight she put up. Then, she was simply just stolen away into the night.
      For the next few years she was kept in a mansion of someone she did not even know. She never really knew their name or anything, they wouldn't tell her. There, she was taught to do things that should not even be mentioned. She basically trafficked off to somewhere she didn't even know (it was Japan). She served her owner for those years, always hoping that someone would come to her rescue. But she got tired of waiting for hero that would never come, so one night she took it upon herself to free her.
      She snuck into the master's heavily decorated room while he was sound asleep. The old fart was even snoring the whole time, so of course he wouldn't hear anything. Seeing a sword hung on the wall, one of the set of katana, she unsheathed it and held it above her victim, right above the neck. Slowly she sunk in the sword, hearing and feeling the master struggle and attempt to cry out, but his vocal chords were already cut by then. Estelle loved every moment of pain and suffering on the man's face. She loved it so much, that she desired to see more. She went around the mansion and one by one, she killed every single person left that held her captive. Finally she felt like she was free, that she could do anything she wanted at long last. She didn't care if she would get persecuted for anything, she didn't care about anyone. She just wanted to get out.
      Before leaving and finding her own place she quickly washed up and packed her own things and left, never to return there again.

      How she found out about the shadows and personas was another thing; she just simply fell upon the Dark Labyrinth one night while walking around. She was nearly gruesomely attacked until she escaped, seeing as this kind of threat was something she could not defeat on her own. After the place of hell disappeared, she learned of a drug that could release this power to overcome anything. She was very much interested and took it upon herself to obtain it. And seeing as the shadows killed others and did what she liked herself, she decided to join in the fun.

      Persona: Lilith

      Arcana: Devil

      Alignment: The Rogues

      Theme Song: "Pleather for Breakfast" from No More Heroes

      Weapon: Nailed bat

      Other: Physical traits:
      Hair: Bleach Blonde
      Eyes: Gray Blue
      Height: 5'5''
      Weight: 110 lbs
      Body type: Lithe, yet shapely

      She almost always wears an outfit that is equipped with heels, with a bit of platform on them. Her outfits usually have something dark about them, too, but occasionally she'll wear something more cutesy or along those lines.
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Estelle White
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