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PostSubject: Arya Homewood   Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:36 pm

Name: Arya Homewood

Age: 21
Alignment: Underground
Theme Song: Lucifer’s Angel
Persona: Angel of Light

Arcana: Priestess
Weapon: Dagger’s tipped with rattler poison
Personality: Arya is a woman not to be crossed. To get on the wrong side of this girl is a sure road to detention (if you’re her student), or a death match in a back alley (if you’re a regular civilian). She has wrist sheaths with deadly daggers tipped with her pet rattler’s poison. Usually a sweet, kindhearted individual her tattoo is a pair of angel wings extending all the way up to her shoulder ending in a triskell her shoulder blade. She got her persona at age 16.
Bio: Born in Ireland, Arya was always the odd one out. Her black hair made her an instant “satan’s spawn” in her hometown. Her twin sister, Yuna, has white hair and was seen as a miracle, an “angel child”. An outcast her whole life she had no problem moving to China with Tenten’s family when Tenten’s mother asked Arya to be her daughter’s tutor and Master Lee Huang offered a boatload of money to seal the deal. At age 14 she became Tenten’s tutor and best friend. She snuck out of China with Tenten’s family when they left.
Now a teacher at the school in Kobe, her students range from ages 15 to 18. She teaches hand to hand combat as well as dagger and knife play. A part of her still misses her sister. They had a falling out when Yuna saw the tattoo on Arya’s arm, and when she showed Arya her pair of demon wings ending in a triskell. Hateful words fell from Yuna’s lips and they have followed Arya around every day after. The ringing sound of her sister’s voice screaming “I HATE YOU. YOU PERFECT LITTLE BITCH, I HOPE YOU DIE BY MY HAND ONE DAY!!” echos in her ears day after day. Though tears randomly fall from her eyes, everybody knows not to ask her what’s wrong; nobody wants one of those daggers to their throats.
Tenten is like a daughter to Arya. She tells Arya everything and in return Tenten knows most of Arya’s secrets as well. Arya taught Tenten dagger play and gave Tenten her first dagger when she was 8 as a birthday gift. Tenten gets most of her attitude and short temper from Arya, whose loving, yet strict teaching style made Tenten idolize her. As the only one who can joke Tenten about her size, Arya has no problem death-glaring and even beating up those who put down her loveable student. Arya and Tenten are inseparable.
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Arya Homewood
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