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 Tenten Chang (reworking)

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PostSubject: Tenten Chang (reworking)   Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:38 pm

Please don't make me kick your ass again~!
●●Tenten Chang

      Title: TenTen Chang, at her Middle school she was known as the "princess of Darkness"

      Age: 14

      Sex: Female

      Personality: Tenten is a clever, independant young lady. She was raised to believe that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and for this, she tries to excel at everything she does. She has a short temper and a sharp tongue, and she hates anyone or anything that dare underestimate her powers and abilities. Although she is normally sarcastic and brutally honest, she often wishes she could have more friends. She excels in martial arts due to the extensive training she has had with Master Udong a martial arts master and a close friend of her fathter Wu chang. she uses her abilities in martial arts freely, sometimes to defend herself and other times because people tend to piss her off. She is most angry when people make fun of her 'underdeveloped body" especially her chest. being a tsundere Lolita, she is of short stature, and appears younger than she really is. Tenten is also a singer, and plays many instruments her mother had taught her. However, she never sings in front of people and it is a side she hides. She sings when she is alone or when she is with her cat, Bell. the few who have heard her sing claim that she has a very beautiful voice, and her favorite instrument to play is the Violin.

      Bio: Tenten was born and raised in the City of HongKong with her Mother, Tai-lee chang and her father Wu chang. Her mother worked as a musician and an violin crafter and her father owned a dojo. Tenten had been trained in his father's "sonata-style" for years, where sound waves were incorporated and used in advantage in battle. Because of this, tenten is able to fight in the dark or blindfolded. Her mother taught her how to play the Violin around the same time she began her martial arts training. she learned to read music and play beautiful sonatas. she later taught herself to sing.

      At the age of 6, The local mafia group known as the Lion-dragon Huangs of China raided their home and destroyed everything. Her father was murdered right before her eyes. Tai-Lee was taken in as the Leader's Concubine. Tenten came and lived with her new "family" despising every moment of it and becoming more and more bitter by the day. The only thing that kept her going was fighting. The Leader is Master Li Huang, and his son Bao Huang fell instantly in love with Tenten the moment he heard her sing. He arranged for their marriage when Tenten became of age. Tenten Vowed that one day she would earn her mother and her freedom and she vowed never to sing again.

      she continued her training a year later with Master Udong, a Japanese-chinese martial arts instructor that worked for the Mafia. Tenten treated him kindly and he enjoyed tenten's unique "sonata-style" of fighting. Master Udong Long before was actually a friend of Wu Chang, tenten's father. She later met Arya, her best friend and tutor during a trip to Ireland when she was 10 years old. She tells everything to Arya and looks up at her as a role model. In fact, most of her sarcasm came from Arya. she became a second mother to her. Arya and Bell, her trusted cat are the only two that has ever heard Tenten sing.

      Persona: Bells. The persona looks exactly like tenten and is born from Tenten's surpressed musical desires. Bells wears a bell around her neck, her half pigtails her wrists and her ankles. She jingles everytime she moves. Bells rarely ever speaks, but rather sings everything she feels. Her attacks are spells are based on the shadow instrumens which she plays:flute, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, bass, cello, harp, the spoons, clarinet, piano/keyboard, moraccas, trumpet, trombone, cymbals

      Alignment:The Underground

      Theme Song: Hate you by 2ne1

      Weapon: Tenten herself prefers to fight hand to hand combat, however she does manage to hide a small knife (given to her by Arya) in her clothting. She has really good aim (making handheld pistols easy for her to use though she doesn't use them often). She is capable of fighting with a sword, although she rarely does. Bells (her persona) is equipped with "shadow instruments' which include (an electric guitar, a violin, a flute, drums, a keyboard)

      Other: Tenten's academic excellence makes her a target for the Academic team-- she refused to join however she is welcome to their meetings and has some influence with club decisions
      Tenten's excellence in martial arts made her a target for the Modern Kendo club and the Gymnastics club --both she refused to join outright (to her master' Udong's dismay). She talks to her cat Bell about everything-- and they're always together. Bells her persona is named after her cat Bell. Withing the Mafia, Tenten was known as the "demon princess" especially after kicking Bao's ass.

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Tenten Chang (reworking)
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