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 RP Glossary:: some terms you need to understand

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PostSubject: RP Glossary:: some terms you need to understand   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:49 pm

Post Master or Post Leader:: the person who controls the thread. The post master starts a thread and ends a thread. He or she is the one that sets the scene in the beginning of a thread, and he is the one that closes it. The followers usually respond to the post Master's actions and movements. The Post master may also act as a judge, keeping harmony within the thread. The post master may choose the post order if he decides to. The post master has the power to delete any thread or force a follower to edit any of his posts so that it may be appropriate to the thread.

Follower:: other participants of the thread whose main jobs are to follow the Post master, and reply to other follower's actions and verbal commands.

Post order:: the order of how the players should post. The first person to post and set the scene is always the post master. (fore example
post master posts
player 1 posts
player 2 posts
player 3 posts
player 4 posts
post master posts again and the players restart

players should stick the post order:: otherwise thread is subject to cancellation by post master, site moderators, or site administration.

How post order is determined:: one of two ways either the post master determines it beforehand and sets it in the very first post or first come first served basis and the first posts are recorded and that is how the order shall be.
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RP Glossary:: some terms you need to understand
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