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 Plans for the Day

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PostSubject: Plans for the Day   Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:33 pm

Akira walked out of the school and took a look around: there was acouple trees along the walking path on both sides and the sun was being to set in the sky "Guess we were in there as longer than I thought" he muttered. He walked to the school gate and leaned against the marble wall waiting for Squall.

The air was cool having lost the edge of the day and it seemed like a perfect time to hang out. 'Squall huh? Seems like a cool guy...wouldn't mind having a friend I guess' Akira thought. Ever since the accident Akira hadn't had much time to be a regular teenage and had to grow up almost over night, the way he saw it he deserved a little down time to recuperate.
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Zephyr Ballard

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PostSubject: Re: Plans for the Day   Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:55 pm

Squall finally got out of the the locker rooms. He was preoccupied with brushing his hair. For a guy, it was pretty long, but its a usual sight in Venice. He looked up to see Akira. While he felt that Akira was pretty shy, he thought it was quite convenient to have a friend that was similar to himself. Seeing as how he never had friends, with all the responsibilities he had. But ever since his dad died 6 months ago, he felt like large shackles were lifted from him. As if he had the freedom to do so much more than he could handle. He smiled thinking that this was what his father intended to do. He walked over to Akira to choose where they go for the day. There wasnt any homework, so they were free to do a lot. Come va, You ready to head out? He couldnt speak japanese like a pro, but he could understand it just fine. The two of them headed out into the city, ready to have a good time.

((((((((((Moving to the city of Kobe))))))))))))
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Plans for the Day
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