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PostSubject: Yukino Chikafuji   Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:11 am

”Hello, do you need help?”
●●Yukino Chikafuji

      Alias: “Chika-chan”

      Age: 15

      Sex: Female

      Personality: Yukino is a shy girl who keeps to herself most of the time, so she only has acquaintances. The reason she keeps to herself is because she’s afraid that she’ll blurt out hints to her anime and manga loving hobbies, afraid to be ridiculed by her classmates. In terms of basic personality traits, she’s kind, understanding, innocent, and loves to be able to cheer people up with her bit of a goofy attitude. She acts a little silly at times. : P

      Bio: Yukino Chikafuji comes from what started as a middle class family of artists, her being the only child. Her father being a success is what made her family's riches grow into a higher class family. Despite parents being busy, mainly her father, she has grown up in a household where creativity and expression was encouraged. Though, classmates at school thought her powerful bursts of expression was a bit weird, which provoked some students to tease her about it. Being discouraged by this, Yukino learned to repress her feelings and keep them at a lower tone. After her self change, she became more quiet and kept to herself, but it's not like she didn't converse with others. In fact, people in time forgot about how over-the-top she was and got to know her as a happy individual who would be willing to help out almost anyone with their problems. She is also known in school for her artwork, of which is usually vibrant paintings of usually very innocent and cute things.
      Despite her cute and kind exterior, her mind was not always completely pure. She was always quite aware of what people had said and teased about her, so she grew secretly spiteful towards her classmates. Her action of closing herself off from everyone else was like an attempt to hide her real feelings from all of them.
      One night Yukino was taking a late night walk, mainly because she wanted to see the moon and the stars. She always thought the moon looked beautiful as a crescent. As she was walking she saw a person at some distance in front, looking right at her. As she took a closer look, she saw it was herself, but with a more evil and dark look. Her dark self began to say things that, to Yukino, made her seem like a heartless person, and naturally, to make oneself feel like they're better than what they really are, she denied these feelings, thus enraging her shadow.

      Sooner or later, Yukino's shadow was defeated, and she gained her Persona, along with a tattoo on her wrist that resembled a sort of snow flake.
      After this encounter, she began to truly accept that she had these dark thoughts about her classmates, and made a point to herself to never think these thoughts again.

      Persona: Hyouka-Hime, the Ice Princess

      Arcana: Moon

      Alignment: Underground

      Theme Song: “Monster” by Paramore

      Weapon: Her weapon would be like a chain whip with a blade on the end. She can be cold during battles.

      Other: Yukino’s appearance:
      Black hair down to the bottom of her shoulder blades
      Fringe cut for her bangs
      Crystal blue eyes
      Her height is 5 feet
      She is light, weight is: 98lbs.
      She usually wears some cute outfit outside of school, and her favourite necklace is her star and moon necklace with blue crystals on them.
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Yukino Chikafuji
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