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PostSubject: Hazuma Kisaragi   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:23 pm

"Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are...Death awaits you."
●●Hazuma Kisaragi

      Title: Haze and “Savior”

      Age: Twenty-four

      Sex: Male

      Personality: Hazuma is a smooth talker and master manipulator. When pushed to his limit his true psyche is revealed: A sociopath willing to sacrifice others to reach his goals and enjoy every moment of it.

      Bio: Hazuma was born into an ordinary middle class family and had uneventful childhood. The fun began however when Hazuma was in his first fight in high school. He was pushed around by a bully and was being beaten until he grasped a stone and cracked it into the bully’s knee buckling it. He beat the bully senseless and couldn’t stop himself from smashing his face in repeatedly. Once the bully was barely breathing Hazuma grasped his head and smiled observing his handy work, then he pushed his thumbs into the bullies eyes enjoy his screams of terror.

      After the incident Hazuma was admitted to the medical ward for the criminally insane. It wasn’t until he escaped in the dead of night, 12 am to be exact, and stumbled into the Dark Labyrinth. He was cornered by shadows before long and instead of killing him they all simply just stood there. Suddenly one shadow slithered itself down his throat and he heard a voice “Appease me child…sacrifice the blood and souls of your brethren to me or this world shall become another underworld. You have been chosen child…you have been chosen as this world’s 'savior'”. Since that day Hazuma has worked to leading others into the Labyrinth and now has set his sights on luring the youth of Kobe to a “Night Club” of sorts.

      Persona: Thanatos It specializes in Almighty, Fire, Light and Darkness attacks. Can Also Single Target and multi-target for devastating damage

      Arcana: Death

      Alignment: The Rouge Persona Users

      Theme Song:
      [" La Divina Tragedia"- Jimang]

      Weapon: A jet black Scythe

      Other: Hazuma’s base of operations is in an abandoned factory
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Hazuma Kisaragi
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